Online Consultation and Mentoring

We provide scheduled appointments that can occur live or online. Parents or professionals may have a need to discuss a specific case for a specific reason. These appointments are delivered in different formats, such as personal meetings online or video reviews of cases.

From time to time opportunities will be provided for group mentoring as well. The platform we use is HPPA compliant and privacy of private information is contained within our office. We offer a team approach to different cases in order to ensure a holistic view of each case presented. The sessions are consultation sessions and not intervention sessions, though, wherever possible, efforts will be made to ensure referral for intervention.

Professional Mentoring

Parent Consultation

Assessment and Intervention Center

Our practice has been serving families from local areas as well as families from abroad far and wide. We have become well known especially for our specialty assessments and novel programming with a high level of specialization and individualization of care.

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