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This information spreads over 2 recorded webinars. Neuroplasticity of the brain has been a well-known fact since the nineties. If the brain can be stimulated to fire, the nervous system can wire (Hebb’s axiom). ReadLS is such a program. It is an innovative neural program delivered through computer technology and internet communication, motivating the client even as it challenges the nervous system to make increasingly more efficient adaptive responses. The program is designed from a neural reading perspective designed to enhance efficiency in decoding skill, while at the same time challenging the working memory that is so needed for comprehension. In so doing, other executive functions, such as attention and problem-solving ability also improve. These 2 recorded webinars will discuss the ReadLS program from the neural developmental perspective, applicable across all ages, as well as the technical pieces of the program. It is an opportunity not to be missed!

Outline / Agenda:

Session 1:
Neuroplasticity and ReadLS
Reading and Learning components of ReadLS

Session 2:
The Development of ReadLS
The Technical Components of ReadLS
Accessing the ReadLS Program.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will:

  • List at least 10 different components of the program to the central nervous system
  • Define neuroplasticity and how ReadLS supports the developing brain
  • List at least 5 technical components of the program

Certificate of Attendance will be provided

Provider Name: 
Maude Le Roux Academy
9 Lacrue Avenue, Suite 103, Glen Mills, PA, 19342
Phone: 484-840-1529
Fax: 484-840-1560

Maude Le Roux OTR/L, IMC, SIPT, CTC, DIR-FT International Trainer
Ingrid Poupart, Developer and Trainer of ReadLS

Special Needs Accommodation: 
We invite anyone who may need a specific accommodation to contact and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We do provide online PowerPoint for download should you require larger print and we do wear specialized headphones to best accommodate for a clear audio message.

Course Completion Requirement:
To receive your certificate upon completion, which includes Contact Hours, you must complete the course evaluation feedback form.

Cancellation policy:

Please contact charl@maudeleroux.comif you experience any technical difficulties.

 Maude and Charl Le Roux own the Maude Le Roux Academy and we look forward to providing opportunities at no charge to our wide audience as mush as we can.

Additional information

Target Audience:

Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapists, Educators, Educational Psychologists, Social Workers

Educational Level:

Introductory through Intermediate

Number of participants:


Instructional Methods:

PowerPoint, Question/Answer


Completion of Workshop Feedback form.

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