Interactive Metronome Sports – Improve your ability in any sport by improving your anticipation speed – Recording



This one-hour recorded webinar will enhance the viewers’ understanding of coordination and timing as a well-known factor in the world of sport performance. It is an important aspect that can make or break a sports career or inhibit efficiency and speed in developing sports performance. The focus on visual-spatial ability in different sports is clear, but the more primitive aspect of cerebellar – vestibular understanding in the body is a process that many developing athletes take for granted. It is true that most sport-oriented persons have a natural ability to use their body in a sport of their choosing, but it is also equally true that repetition alone is not always sufficient for the body to gain access to the very refined skill that makes the competitive edge cleaner and more accessible. Many persons, who have a natural affinity for sports prowess, also find themselves in positions where academic prowess is not easily attained. There is an overlap between academic and sports prowess that is important to consider. The bridge of timing between academic and physical prowess is very clear, though still largely under-utilized today. This webinar will open the mind to many opportunities of enhancing skill and ability on multiple different levels.

Outline / Agenda:

  1. What does Interactive Metronome do
  2. Timing in the Brain
  3. Sports Application
  4. Bridge between focus, attention, sports and academics.

Learning Objectives:

  1. List 3 areas of the brain that is highly influenced by timing
  2. Describe the overlap between sport and academic prowess
  3. Discuss at least 2 research articles considering evidence base for improving ability in sports
  4. List 3 to 5 intervention ideas to consider with regards to timing

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Webinar – Recording



Target Audience:

Sports Coaches, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Psychologists, Counselors, Parents, Vision Therapists, Developmental Optometrists, Educators

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Instructional Methods:

PowerPoint, Question / Answer


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