Fairy Tales – A wonderful tool for gaining social-emotional growth and wellbeing – Recording



This one hour recorded webinar will introduce the participant to the wonderful world of fairy tales, imagination and creativity!! Discover how essential this world is for growth, development, relationships, shaping our early behavior as well as laying the foundation for academic skill and prowess. Aspects of social-emotional growth will be covered as well as tips and ideas for using fairy tales in therapy. Fairy tales provide a safe environment within which children can feel secure as they explore difficult situations, emotions and relationships. It is a natural complement to development, parental care and professional involvement. It adds fun to the learning of important concepts such as empathy, intersubjectivity and problem-solving on many different levels. Our imaginary world is a function of the natural developmental process that can truly be a game changer for many children struggling to cope with developing their social emotional skill.

Outline / Agenda:

  1. The essence of fairy tales
  2. The developmental process
  3. Overlap between developmental process of imagination and preparation for academic skill
  4. Building empathy and problem-solving attitudes
  5. Tips and ideas for using fairy tales to promote growth and development.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the use of fairy tales in the therapeutic process
  2. List at least 5 reasons why this could be an important tool for parents to reach their children
  3. Discover the overlap between fairy tales, creativity, imagination and empathy
  4. List 5 ways of using fairy tales in clinical practice and at home.

Certificate of Attendance will be provided

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Maude Le Roux OTR/L, IMC, SIPT, CTC, DIR-FT International Trainer

Special Needs Accommodation: 

We invite anyone who may need a specific accommodation to contact maude@maudeleroux.com and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We do provide online PowerPoint for download should you require larger print and we do wear specialized headphones to best accommodate for a clear audio message.

Course Completion Requirement:

To receive your certificate upon completion, which includes Contact Hours, you must complete the course evaluation feedback form.

Cancellation policy:

Payment is due in full with registration through the website and is considered non-refundable at any time. The course participant can view the webinar repeatedly for a period of 2 weeks starting from the date of registration.

Please contact Charl@maudeleroux.com if any technical difficulties are encountered.

Maude and Charl Le Roux own the Maude Le Roux Academy and thus the proceeds of this course will cover operational expenses as well as provide income for Maude and Charl Le Roux.


Additional information

Course Type:

Webinar – Recording



Target Audience:

Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Psychologists, Counselors, Parents, Social Workers, Educators

Educational Level:




Number of participants:


Instructional Methods:

PowerPoint, Question and Answer


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1 Hour




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