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Building Sensori-Motor Skill through Reflex Integration


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For many parents and professionals reflex integration has become a strong desirable entity to consider. Listen as Maude integrates major primitive and postural reflexes as it relates to strengthening the foundation of motor skill in order to develop the skilled practice of praxis. Maude takes principles from several sources of training, describes the impact of the reflexes and demonstrates through video how to assess. Consider how to apply clinical judgement and how to use these reflex patterns as a way to measure progress in sensori-motor skill. Maude’s practical view of application provides the place that this work deserves while at the same time not over focusing on “success”, but on a balanced view of occupational functioning. This short course truly discusses integration, assessment and intervention and how it fits in the world of sensory integration.

10am US EST every Tuesday;

7.5 Contact Hours

Payment is due in full with registration through PayPal and there is a non-refundable cancellation fee of $25 at any time. If the course participant cancels within 30 days prior to the course starting date, the reimbursement would be 75% and within 2 weeks of the course; reimbursement would be calculated at 50%. Please contact

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