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Understanding and Treating Praxis and Dyspraxia - Brooklyn, NY - January, 14, 2020

Dyspraxia is a “hidden” difficulty that can prove quite disabling to the child in a learning and / or social environment. Having ideas about what to do and sequencing how to do it as well as completing tasks in the same timing as a peer, can be quite elusive to some kids. This workshop will cover different kinds of Dyspraxia’s, as well as assessment and intervention ideas that will support learning abilities in the social and academic environment as well as sports and physical education. Consider the difference between cognitive achievement and executive achievement based on a good praxis foundation.

Date: 14 January 2020

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Target Audience: Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapists, Educators, Psychologists, Social Workers, Physicians, Nurses.

Educational Level: Intermediate

Instructional Methods: PowerPoint, Question/Answer, Video

Assessment: Completion of workshop feedback form

Contact Hours:  6 hours

Certificate of Attendance will be provided

Fee: Contact

Special Needs Accommodation: Contact

Course Completion Requirement: Contact

Cancellation policy: Contact

08.30am – Registration
09.00am – Praxis and Dyspraxia
10.30am – Break
11.00am – Somatodyspraxia
12.30pm – Lunch
01.30pm – Bilateral Integration and Sequencing Dyspraxia
02.30pm – Influence of Visual and Auditory systems
03.30pm – Break
03.45pm – Case study

  1. Consider the definitions of Praxis and Dyspraxia
  2. Consider how ADHD and Dyslexia can overlap with Dyspraxia
  3. List at least 4 different sensory aspects to consider in Somatodyspraxia
  4. Discover the importance of timing in Bilateral Integration and Sequencing Dyspraxia
  5. List at least 5 aspects of both the auditory and visual systems and their influences in Dyspraxia
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