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Understanding the Impact of Reflex Integration on Child Development: Bulgaria - September 18, 19, 2020

This 2-day workshop will discuss the integration of major primitive and postural reflexes as it relates to strengthening the foundation of sensori-motor skill in order to develop the skilled practice of praxis. Maude takes principles from several sources of training, describes the impact of the reflexes and demonstrates through video how to assess the ones she has identified as important for her work at her center.  Maude focuses on the application of clinical judgement and how to use these reflex patterns as a way to measure progress in sensori-motor skill. The impact of these reflexes in activities of everyday life, as well as on academics, and social functioning will be discussed. Maude’s practical view of application does not over focus on “success”, but rather creates a balanced view of its impact on occupational functioning. The workshop will cover integration, assessment and intervention and how certain reflexes fits in the world of sensory integration – a “must-have” workshop for anyone interested in child development.

Where and When: Sofia, Bulgaria on September 18, 19, 2020

Target Audience: Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Educators, Parents, Psychologists, Counselors

Educational Level: Intermediate

Number of participants: Unlimited

Instructional Methods: PowerPoint, Group Discussion, Video

Contact Hours: 12

Venue and Fee: Contact

Day 1:

  • 08.30 – Registration
  • 09.00 – History and Research of Reflex Integration
  • 10.30 – Morning Break
  • 11.00 – The Moro Reflex
  • 12.00 – The Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex
  • 13.00 – Lunch
  • 14.00 – The Spinal Galant Reflex
  • 15.00 – Tonic Labyrinthine Neck Reflex
  • 15.30 – Afternoon Break
  • 16.00 – Palmar and Rooting Reflex
  • 17.00 – Adjourn

Day 2:

  • 09.00 – The Spinal Pereze Reflex
  • 10.00 – Leg Cross Flexion-Extension Reflex
  • 11.00 – Morning Break
  • 11.30 – The Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex
  • 12.30 – Lunch
  • 13.30 – Landau Reflex
  • 14.00 – Babinski Reflex
  • 15.00 – Afternoon Break
  • 15.30 – Hands Grasping / Hands Pulling Reflexes
  • 17.00 – Adjourn
  1. Describe the mechanism and function of at least 10 important reflexes
  2. List at least 5 exercises important to integrating each reflex
  3. View assessment of each of the reflexes to assist clinical judgement
  4. Discuss the overlap between sensory integration and reflex integration
  5. List at least 5 principles of reflex integration intervention.

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