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Tomatis Practitioner Training (Level 2) - TBA

You have tasted the success of the Tomatis Method with your clients and would like to know more. You are wanting to have a clear pre and post-test from the Tomatis Method that would provide more detail for pre and post-intensive discussion. This intensive 4-day workshop is packed with information divided into 2 parts; the technical application of the Tomatis Listening Test machine and the interpretation of the Tomatis Listening Test machine. The Tomatis Listening Test is unique to the Tomatis Method, created by Dr. Alfred Tomatis and expanded upon by TDSA. Learn the importance of adding the work of laterality to your work as well as using the voice through the microphone. The learning curve is intense, but worth the time and expense. With this training, your expertise as a Tomatis practitioner is enhanced to a different level; a level of respect by your peers, adding a strong presence as an outstanding clinician by families. This training is a pre-requirement for the next two levels of Tomatis training.

Location: Philadelphia

Course Date: 18, 19, 20, 21 November 2019

Duration: 4 days

Registration Opens: 1 September 2019

Course Type: Single Course

Target Audience: Occupational, Physical and Speech Language Therapists, Audiologists, Medical practitioners, psychologists, social workers, nurses, teachers

Education Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Completion of Level 1 Tomatis Practitioner Training

Instructional Method: Powerpoint, Group Discussion, Practice Lab, Case Study

Assessment: Present Case Study

Professional Education: 24 Contact Hours

Certificate provided by: TDSA

Fee: Please contact

Cancellation Policy: Please

9am to 5pm each day (US EST time zone).

Day 1:

  • 9.00am: Welcome,
  • 10.00am: Review of level 1 material,
  • 11am: Break,
  • 11.30am: Continue Review,
  • 13.00pm: Techinal application of the Tomatis Listening Test (TLTS),
  • 15.30pm: Break,
  • 16.00pm: The Air and Bone Curve;

Day 2:

  • 9.00am: The Selectivity Test,
  • 10.00am: The laterality Test,
  • 11.00am Break,
  • 11.30am: The Availability and other lesser used tests,
  • 13.00pm: Lunch,
  • 14.00pm: Lab practice,
  • 15.30: Break,
  • 16.00pm: Continue Lab practice;

Day 3:

  • 9.00am: Full long form test,
  • 10am: Interpreting Balance and Symmetry,
  • 11.00am: Break,
  • 11.30am: Interpreting Air and bone Harmony,
  • 13.00: Lunch,
  • 14.00pm: Interpreting Spatialization, Selectivity, Laterality, Availability,
  • 15.30pm: Break,
  • 16.00pm: More on Laterality,

Day 4:

  • 9.00am: Active Work,
  • 10.30: Break,
  • 11.00am: Adapting to Level 1SR and ER programming,
  • 13.00pm: Lunch,
  • 14.00: Case study discussions with listening Test Interpretation,
  • 15.30pm: Break,
  • 16.00pm: Continue Case studies.
  1. Explain 9 different parameters tested on the TLTS and its functionality;
  2. Be able to perform the administration of 5 different subtests on the TLTS,
  3. Be able to interpret listening test curves according to the 9 parameters trained;
  4. Explain 3 different ways to interpret laterality on a listening test;
  5. Be able to explain and functionally apply the inclusion of active work over the microphone;
  6. Be able to technically use the additional software applications of the TalksUP machine as well as the use of a microphone.

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