Tomatis Practitioner Training (Level 1)

This training is for the discerning therapist interested in knowing the depth and breadth of what Sound Therapy can do for their client. Applicable for both children and adults, from wellness to really difficult diagnosis, this program has stood the test of time. The Tomatis program has evolved from using tape-recorded music to very technically advanced music systems, yet small enough to be carried in a handbag. There are strong differences which set the Tomatis program apart from their competitors. Besides carrying the only certification of the Tomatis Method, the program continues to use mono headphones (not stereo) in order to control balancing the ears with regards to important laterality functions, especially for functions of language, speech, and reading. The Tomatis program is also the only program today that uses gated feedback of a client’s own voice, as well as other important differences the practitioner will learn about in this in-depth 3-day workshop. For therapists globally, the important work of regulation/modulation through the Tomatis program cannot be denied. This workshop forms the first entry-level course of 4 different courses, though there is no obligation to continue beyond this point.

Location: Pretoria

Course Date: 21, 22, 23 October 2019

Duration: 3 days

Registration Opens: 1 January 2019

Course Type: Single Course

Target Audience: Occupational, Physical and Speech-Language Therapists, Audiologists, Medical practitioners, psychologists, social workers, nurses, teachers

Education Level: Beginner and Intermediate

Prerequisites: 4-year degree in a related scope of practice

Instructional Method: Powerpoint, Group Discussion, Practice Lab, Case Study

Professional Education: CPD, 18 Contact Hours

Certificate provided by: TDSA

Fee: Please contact

Cancellation Policy: Please contact

South African time zone

  • Day 1
    • 9.00: Welcome
    • 10.00: History of the Tomatis Method
    • 11.00: Break
    • 11.30: Acoustics
    • 12.30 Lunch
    • 13.30: Neuro-anatomy of the ear
    • 15.30: Break
    • 16.00: Technical lab practice
  • Day 2
    • 9.00: Parameters of the Tomatis Method
    • 11.00: Break
    • 11.30 Continue Parameters
    • 13.00: Lunch
    • 14.00: The SR (Sensory Regulation) and ER (executive regulation) program
    • 15.00: Break
    • 16.00: Prepared case study
  • Day 3:
    • 9.00: The Tomatis Development Company
    • 10.00: TED Database (Tomatis Educational Database) for pre and post testing
    • 11.00: Forbrain
    • 12.00: Practical Information
    • 13.00: Lunch
    • 14.00 Lab practice of cases presented by course participants
    • 15.30: Break
    • 16.00: Continue case study lab
  1. Consider the application of the Tomatis Method to diverse populations;
  2. Be able to list 3 important functions of the vestibular-cochlear mechanism and relevance to the use of sound therapy,
  3. Create a practical understanding of the different uses of the Tomatis method.
  4. Participate in discussion with regards to pre-and post-testing for evidence-based practice
  5. Be able to apply the TED database as pre and post-testing support.
  6. List 5 key parameters of the Tomatis Method and its unique functionality in the program.
  7. Each participant will present a case study scenario for group discussion to enhance the application process.

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