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Executive Functioning Practical Toolkit, New York - January, 9, 2020

It is so frustrating to witness student’s struggle in academic achievement, when they do have the intellectual capability to learn. This workshop will include an overview of different executive functions and aspects to consider within each. Maude will also discuss a developmental hierarchy that will support assessment and intervention. An executive functioning questionnaire will be provided to support your assessment process. A major part of the day will include practical ideas to support students in their executive skills at school and at home.

Target Audience: Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapists, Educators, Psychologists, Social Workers, Physicians, Nurses.

Educational Level: Intermediate

Number of participants: Unlimited

Instructional Methods: PowerPoint, Questionnaire

Assessment: Completion of workshop feedback form

Contact Hours: 6 hours

Certificate of Attendance will be provided

Fee: Contact

Special Needs Accommodation: Contact

Course Completion Requirement: Contact

Cancellation policy: Contact

  • 08.30am – Registration
  • 09.00am – The Executive Functions
  • 10.30am – Break
  • 11.00am – The Developmental Hierarchy
  • 12.30pm – Lunch
  • 01.30pm – Assessment Ideas
  • 02.00pm – Intervention toolkit
  • 03.30pm – Break
  • 03.45pm – Case study
  1. List at least 8 executive functions impacting on learning behavior
  2. Consider 7 steps in the developmental hierarchy needed to develop executive functions
  3. Review two different assessments to consider in your assessment process
  4. List at least 10 different activities to support executive functions at school and at home.
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