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Anxiety, Sensory and Behavior, Brooklyn, NY - January, 8, 2020

More and more children (and adults) are struggling with anxiety in different shapes and forms. This workshop will include an overview of development that will discuss the coinciding factors of central nervous system and emotional development as both influences the experience of anxiety. Different types of anxiety will be included with a clear distinction of different considerations for intervention. Maude will go over assessment protocols that could be included in an evaluation process, as well as different techniques / interventions to consider. We need to talk more about anxiety and how this influences functions of every day living, including social participation and academic learning. This is not a workshop you would want to miss.

Target Audience: Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapists, Educators, Psychologists, Social Workers, Physicians, Nurses.

Educational Level: Intermediate

Number of participants: Unlimited

Instructional Methods: PowerPoint, Question/Answer, Video

Assessment: Completion of Workshop Feedback Form

Contact Hours: 6 hours

Certificate of Attendance will be provided

Fee: Contact

Special Needs Accommodation: Contact

Course Completion Requirement: Contact

Cancellation policy: Contact

  • 08.30am – Registration
  • 09.00am – The Nervous System
  • 10.30am – Break
  • 11.00am – Different types of Anxiety
  • 12.30pm – Lunch
  • 01.30pm – Assessment
  • 02.30pm – Intervention
  • 3.45pm – Break
  • 4.00pm – Case study
  1. Describe the differences between the impact of the central nervous system and development of the autonomic nervous system.
  2. List at least 4 types of anxiety to consider for differences in intervention approaches
  3. Consider at least 2 types of assessments relative to your toolkit.
  4. List at least 10 principles of intervention to support impact on anxiety behavior and development.
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