Bilateral Integration and Sequencing (Timing) Dyspraxia (BIS-T)

Therapists, educators, and parents are continuously struggling to understand why some of their children continue to show difficulty in showing their intelligence. IQ scores may show big discrepancies in their verbal vs. their non-verbal ability, or it may show low overall IQ even as we know the child may be smarter than that. Or educators keep giving the message that the child is underperforming for their ability. This workshop will focus on the very important building block of (BIS-T) and its’ implications with regards to occupational functioning. Theory will be provided, as well as assessment and multiple ideas, strategies, therapy techniques to support these building blocks, which will in turn support improved academic and social-emotional functioning. This workshop uncovers hidden difficulties that can be so elusive to the therapist. The science and evidence base will be discussed, as well as practical info on assessment and intervention through video.

  • $60.00
  • 4 hours
  • 100 SEATS
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